Slate Advantage


Our Advantage

Natural stone makes your projects more prominent and exquisite. Natural stone is considered to be high in quality and value. Scotia Stone offers products to provide customers with the benefit of a first class vision for interior and exterior projects.

Our unique and luxurious products offer durability, longevity and have a broad range of residential and commercial applications which vary in presentation depending on what the customer desires. This creates value by beautifying as well as having insulating properties in its various applications.

Homeowners can be very versatile by using natural stone for patios, landscaping trims, driveways, pools, stairs, walkways and retaining walls. Natural stone can provide a sophisticated and elegant interior as well with applications such as counter tops, backsplashes, islands, floors and mantles. Scotia Stone offers various products in varying surface areas and thickness that are well suited for all these projects and more.

Product Testing

It is important that the material being extracted from the quarry meets high standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) has tested our product in various categories such as Absorption, Strength, Abrasion resistance, Acid resistance, and Coefficient of friction. The results were high marks in all categories, reflecting competitive quality in our product.

Our Fabulous Colours

Scotia Stone products range in color from multicolor grays, blue grays, silver, dark greens, sage greens, burgundy shades and some earthy tones giving a natural presentation in all of its talented applications.